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Food doesn't have to be the enemy.

Your body is eager for trust and connection with you.

Diet-culture has robbed you of your freedom & confidence. 
If you're tired of diets, counting calories, feeling shame for the skin you're in, and having obsessive thoughts about food and your body, you're in the right place.
Getting 1:1 support is one of the best ways to find healing in your relationships with food and your body. 
Check out the two ways we can work 1:1 together!

Pay per session -  a la carte coaching

1:1 coaching that is fully customized to your needs and healing journey with sessions weekly, biweekly, or monthly.  

The Soulful Food and Body Experience

My signature 3-month, 1:1 coaching program with weekly assignments, activities, coaching calls, and unlimited Voxer support. 

**Both options include a free membership to the Soulfully You Community

Hi, I'm Chelsea Hester-Bradt!

My Approach

  • I utilize mindfulness, the Intuitive Eating framework, CBT, DBT, and the creative arts in my sessions with clients.

  • HAES informed

  • Anti-diet

  • Working to make mental health a more inclusive space

  • I'm a cis-gendered, white, smaller-bodied female with a lot of privilege that I didn't earn.

You can read more about my business values here.

You can learn about my counseling credentials and training here.

You can learn more about my personal journey with disordered eating and body image struggles here. 

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