I'm here to feel the feels with you

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The lowdown:

  • Born in NYC to two theatrical divas (I now call them Mom and Dad)

  • Raised in Savannah, GA

  • Performing on Broadway is my think-big-dream

  • I have one husband and three cats and we all love each other very much.

  • INFJ, with extra emphasis on the I.  

How did I end up here, doing what I love, serving you?

Highschool was loaded with pizza and chocolate and I never once thought about the number of calories I was consuming. Whew, I'm so grateful I was able to enjoy my teenage years.

Then college happened.


And it wasn’t pretty.

I quickly spiraled into a dark place full of:


Depression, anxiety, shame, insecurity, loneliness, bad decisions, and…


disordered eating.


Controlling my food and weight became a daily project I was convinced would lead to happiness.

It didn’t.

After college (yes, I survived, thanks to some farm animals), I worked at a magical place in New York - The Omega Institute.

While there, I lived in a tent for 2 months. There were no mirrors to remind me to criticize my body. 


All I knew was how I felt. Was I hungry? Did I crave a certain food? Did my body feel heavy or light? Did it want to move or lie down?


I was free to be fully present in all that I did.


✨I attended daily yoga and meditation sessions.

✨I sang to a God of many names.

✨I danced- and DANCED - to drums and squeals, and shouts.

✨And I began a long healing journey.


👉The ways I healed are the ways I know you can heal too.​​

The anxiety I felt around food began to disappear as I learned how to trust my body’s needs and wants again.


  • Food stopped being something to control.

  • My body was no longer my enemy.

  • I began to challenge long-held beliefs about the role food plays in my life and what my body is supposed to look like.


Since then I went off and got my master's degree in Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling. This education has given me the tangible skills necessary to ethically and effectively guide you on your own healing journey.

So, while you will not be required to live in a tent around here, I may ask you to sit by a tree as you journal. Or listen to the birds.


We will challenge beliefs and allow space for new ideas and values to emerge.


I will make sure you spend time in silence and play music loudly


And I promise I will teach you how to access a light inside of you that no bikini, no Victoria’s Secret commercial, and no judgmental glare can dim.


You are loved and you are enough.

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