Marianne Williamson, Love, & Diet-Culture

I’ve never heard of Jackie DeShannon until this morning, but apparently she’s the singer who sang “What the World Needs Now.”

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You know the one…

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love.

It's the only thing that there's just too little of.”

54 years later and those lyrics are more true than ever.

The world needs more love. Lots. More. Love.

YOU need more love.

YOUR BODY needs more love.

WE ALL need more love.

Marianne Williamson is a love expert.

She also happens to be running for president. #Marianne2020 #shamelessplug

Long before her decision to run for the Democratic nomination, however, Marianne has been writing books and speaking on the topic of love.

Deep, real, raw, spiritual love.

Love that can move mountains and simultaneously open your heart to the poor and inspires you to follow your dreams and look fear in the eye.

One of Marianne’s most famous books, A Return to Love, is her interpretation of the spiritual text, A Course In Miracles.

A Course in Miracles states that every thought, decision, and action is either rooted in love or fear.

Every thought.

Every belief.

Every choice.

Can be traced back to love… or fear.

She says we experience love as "kindness, giving, mercy, compassion, peace, joy, acceptance, non-judgment, joining, and intimacy."

She says we experience fear as "anger, abuse, disease, pain, greed, addiction, selfishness, obsession, corruption, violence, and war."

Fear can look so many ways. When distilled down, struggles such as addiction and obsession can be traced back to fear.

Primarily, fearful thoughts.

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Dieting is a system rooted in fearful thoughts.

Our culture breeds shame and secrecy which thrive off of fearful thoughts.

Competition and jealousy only exist because of FEARFUL THOUGHTS.

And so what is the antidote to fear?


Making decisions from a place of love, cultivating thoughts from a place of love, staying grounded in the essence of love.

marianne williamson, love, fear, diet culture, body positive, body image, diet culture, diets, intuitive eating, weight loss

Let love be your guide when you're:

-Getting dressed in the morning

-Eating your breakfast

-Debating whether to skip lunch

Let love be your guide when you're:

-Too tired to workout after a day in the office

-Going grocery shopping

-Going bathing suit shopping

Let love be your guide when you:

-Don't fit into last year's jeans

-Eat the whole pint of ice cream

-Begin to show signs of aging

In each of these moments, you have to choose love.

Until your love muscle is built and strong, fear will creep in. Fear may even be your default. That’s okay.

You’ve been taught to fear the world from the day you were born.

Undoing this is a lifelong journey.

Some call this journey their spiritual practice. Connecting to your higher self. I call it choosing love over fear.

Call it whatever you want, but if you want to lead a life with less pain, less obsession, less comparison, less addiction, less guilt… start running, not walking, towards love.

"But guilt is a good motivator. Isn’t it helpful to feel bad when I’ve eaten too much or haven’t worked out in a while?”

Does this sound familiar?

Maybe you ate too much candy, felt guilty about it, and you think this feeling of guilt will keep you from eating too much candy next time.

Perhaps it might.

Guilt and shame are definitely players in our behaviors and choices. We see this in parenting, religion, and in our own self-talk.

Threats of punishment, guilt, and shame don’t feel good. They’re uncomfortable.

This uncomfortable feeling is something we then try to avoid.

We become conditioned to avoid certain thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Do this --> feel bad. Avoid this --> don’t feel bad.

This conditioning is rooted in fear.

When we spend our lives trying to avoid guilt and shame, paradoxically we’re often plagued by it.

Your world becomes rigid, small, controlled, and… fearful.

Love doesn't use guilt as a motivator. Love doesn't dangle punishments over your head or reprimand you when you've exceeded your calorie limit.

Love shows up as self-acceptance, patience, and compassion.❤

Love is the voice that tells you that this one decision isn’t the sum of who you are.

Love reminds you that by allowing your feelings, they will pass.

Love guides you in getting to know your body and taking care of it.

Love looks in the mirror and wraps you up in a warm embrace.

You need more love. We all need more love.

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Together we can figure out the next, best step for you. Whether that’s my signature program The Soulful Food and Body Experience or perhaps a single Freedom Session.

You are made of love and only love. Today’s a great day to return to that.

marianne williamson, diet culture, weight loss, love, fear, body positive, body image, intuitive eating, exercise

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