Disney's Enchanted + body image: The ultimate combo

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

I rarely watch movies more than once.

Except.... for....

Disney's Enchanted.

Which I have seen...er... like 15 times.

You know the one. With Amy Adams? Where a fairy tale maiden falls in love with a prince and the evil witch wants nothing of it so she sends Giselle (Amy Adams) flying into the streets of New York City?

As you may imagine, the streets of New York City are QUITE the culture shock for Giselle who has spent her life living in a magical land where birds sing, a true love's kiss is the key to happiness, and innocence is truly bliss.


I love Giselle and all she stands for.

I love watching Giselle- innocent & curious - encounter busy traffic, witness people falling out of love, and feeling angry... all for the first time.

Innocence is refreshing.

Many parents say their favorite part of being a mom is getting to see the world through their child's eyes.

That is what Enchanted does for me. I'm able to escape to a fairy tale land where happy endings are inevitable, people love each other and life's greatest moments are celebrated with choreographed dance numbers.

Giselle doesn't feel insecure.

Giselle knows peace, joy, and sings loudly in public.

Over the course of the movie Giselle encounters a lot she doesn't understand. The movie uses Giselle's innocence to talk about difficult topics such as divorce, anger, jealousy, romance and more.

But one thing this movie doesn't touch on is the shock and confusion I imagine Giselle would've experienced if she encountered someone living by 'food rules' and punishing themselves with exercise.

Giselle is quick to question and doubt many behaviors that we have come to accept as normal in our culture.

I imagine Giselle would also be quick to be compassionate towards all the girls out there who are disillusioned with the promises of diet culture.

With that, I'm going to add a scene to the movie Enchanted. In this scene Giselle explores the cause and effects of body shaming in our society today.

Amy Adams, please prepare this monologue for the day we meet (because I really want to meet you).

::Giselle approaches a young lady sitting on a bench in Central Park::

"Oh! Little darling! Hello! Why do you look so sad?! What a wonderful dress you are wearing! With a little help from my animals friends I can make you a few more just like this - one for every day of the week!

What's that you say? You don't think you look good in it?

But darling, why?!

You are glowing?! You are shining! You can twirl and skip and do a cartwheel!

You feel ugly? You don't think you should be wearing this dress? You feel fat?

But why?

My, my little girl. I don't understand what you're telling me!

Someone… someone mysterious has told you that you need to look a certain way and you're not sure who that person is or why they told you?

Oh my, I must go tell my prince so we can slay this beast!

What do you mean there is no beast?

If someone has lied to you and made you feel bad about yourself, surely I must be able to find them!

There are rules? Girls are supposed to look a certain way?

I'm so confused my darling. Who decided these rules?

Well my dear, it seems you're following rules that were made by someone you don't know and you don't know why you're following them and this is something I have never heard of before!

I can't imagine not being able to wear my favorite clothes or wear my hair however I want. And food!

FOOD! My, oh my, if I must look a certain way I wonder if I need to eat a certain way in order to make myself look a certain way?

My dear, this has suddenly gotten so complicated! And you cannot even tell me why.

You look so sad. My heart is breaking!

I see the way you look at the others girls.

I see the way you want to be happy and free.

I see the little girl inside of you who is ready to skip down and sing musical melodies with me.

She's there, she's there!!!!!

But how do I get her? How do I get her to come out and play with me?

I must change the rules, you say?

Maybe instead of changing them, we break them. Together.

You and I.

Maybe we say that today we dress however we want.

Today let's eat food that gives us energy and makes us happy.

Today I may not even shower, hehe, because I feel so free!

Mmmm do you smell the fresh bread my friend the baker has just made? What a delight! I must go grab some to bring back to my prince.

Will you join me dear girl? Will you join me as we break the rules of a mysterious beast?

How painful it is to watch you try so hard to be something you're not.

I watch you and I cry at night.

I cry because you have everything you need. I see that in you.

When I see you I feel my heart skip beats and joy overflows me! I want to dance with you and laugh and play.

I don't care what you're wearing or look like my darling. I do not care one bit!

I'm so excited we crossed paths today.

We must go warn the prince of this mysterious beast and make sure he knows to break the rules too!

Alas! What a glorious day today is my dear one! You and I… we're going to be FREE!!!

End Scene.

I know the world is not a fairy-tale and I know Giselle's innocence leaves her vulnerable to pain, heartbreak, and being taken advantage of.

As the movie progresses, she learns this. And she skillfully finds the balance between owning the painful, dangerous, messiness of being human while still holding on to her optimism and hope.

You deserve to feel the love and joy that Giselle feels.


No matter what you look like. No matter your size, shape, or color.

Take time today and consider what 'rules' you follow just because society tells you to.

Are there any rules that are preventing you from fully expressing your full, true self?

Are you willing to break any of them?

My Soulful Food and Body Experience is ALL about becoming aware of rules and learning how to break them.

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Now, go forth and find your inner Giselle!