Food and Body Image Coaching FAQ's

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Hey you. If you haven't had a chance to read last week's blog post with the first half of my Frequently Asked Questions, definitely go check that out!

If you're ready for round two, great, because I'm going to dive right in!

👉Why do I need a coach in the first place?

"Can't I just read self-help books and listen to podcasts?"

Yes! You can and I highly recommend you do. I also recommend getting a coach to take your learning to a new level!

The benefits of having a coach vs. doing work independently are:


A coach shows up for you and expects you to show up for them. This means calls, check ins, and completed activities. This accountability is pivotal to change. Having someone in your corner to make sure you achieve the goals you want to achieve is invaluable.


Everyone wants a personal cheerleader right? I know I do! I think I make a pretty good one.

In the moment Q & A:

How many times have you read a book or listened to a podcast and wanted to be like, "Um… but excuse me… miss… what about my really unique and complicated situation? What would you do then?!"

Except the book and podcast don't reply.

A coach does!

Most coaches offer unlimited communication between coaching calls. For me this looks like emails or Voxer (think modern day walkie talkie). I LOVE when my clients reach out to me with real time questions and concerns. Utilize the relationship baybay!


Just like a book and podcast can't answer all your questions, neither can they morph and cater to your specific life and situation.

Most coaching programs have a structure they follow, but within that structure is flexibility to give you exactly what you need.

Maybe you're pretty comfortable with food but really want to focus on your body or vice versa. With a book you pay the same amount regardless of whether you benefit from 3 chapters or all 10. In a coaching relationship you are guaranteed to get a service that meets you where you're at.

👉Okay, so you say I need a coach. Why should I choose you? What makes you different?

I work from a very specific lens and set of beliefs.

My goal is not to help you love your body.

My goal is to help you realize that you are so much more than your body and learn to love THAT.

I will teach you skills so grocery shopping isn't so overwhelming and potlucks can be fun again.

But I will also teach you how to make grocery shopping feel like .01% of your life so that you have more time to do the things that bring you joy and I will help you see that the point of potlucks is to share stories, make new friends, and laugh… not to analyze how much food is on your plate.

I'm a big fan of mindfulness and spirituality, so if those are your jam we will get along just fine.

Also, I have a masters degree in mental health counseling. NBD. Except it kind of is. Because many people practicing today are working from a place of wanting to help, rather than being trained to help.

👉So are you basically like a therapist that talks on the phone?

Grrrreat question. I'm not a therapist. However, I have been one before which helps me do my job as a coach better.

There are a ton of transferable skills between being a therapist and coach. Active listening? Oh girl you ain't never met a listener like me. Empathy, nonjudgement, all those great things we love about therapy I will bring into our coaching relationship.

However, therapists and coaches work differently. Coaching is goal oriented and structured (to a degree) to cover what the program aims to cover and to help you achieve your goals.

Therapy is more open-ended and process oriented - which often leads to exploring topics to a depth and degree I cannot ethically cover as your coach.

👉Can you help me stop having cravings?

Nah girl.

I would be lying if I told you I didn't crave chocolate like crazyyyy during my menstrual cycle and that on a hot afternoon the only thing I want are olives and pickles.

Cravings are going to happen whether you like it or not. So I'm going to help you like them. Or at least not be so fazed by them. And honestly… cravings saved my life at one point.

I was vegetarian for a year in college and started getting very sick. Like no energy - can hardly pull myself out of bed but still had to go to dance class so I crawled on the floor to get dressed and slept all day - sick.

And then my body started CRAVING meat. I mean like, I needed a cow in my belly pronto. But I kept putting it off. After a series of tests it came back that my B12 levels were super low and I needed daily B12 injections for a month anddddd MEAT. That's right. Doctor's orders.

I have viewed my cravings in a different light since then.

Sometimes I will crave orange juice days before I realize I'm fighting a cold.

Sometimes I will crave kombucha (full of probiotics) which I have learned my body truly does crave because my digestive system doesn't have enough good bacteria in it like most people's do.

Sometimes I crave cookies and when I check in I realize its because they make me happy and I love feeling happy and they are the most delicious food and I purely want an evening full of happiness.

Point is, cravings do not have to be the root of all evil. Cravings are sometimes your body's way of communicating that you have a need (for physical or emotional reasons). I will help you learn to embrace these moments and then consciously choose whether to/how to satisfy them.

Download my FREE guide that is fullllll of information about how you can get reconnected to your body and food RIGHT NOW. TODAY. Seriously, this list is full of all the resources I use on a daily basis.

👉Are you just going to give me affirmations ::insert other trendy mindfulness practice here:: to help me love myself?

Lawddd how many times I have been to a therapist and they tell me that all my problems will go away if I learn to love myself.

Perhaps they would, but what if you're so far away from self love right now that it seems inauthentic and fake?


Sometimes we need to move towards neutral. Sometimes we need to learn to accept our body before we can love it.

You will hear me use the word ACCEPTANCE a lot. Awareness and acceptance. Two of the most transformative tools to have in your toolbox.

👉Will you coach me for free?

No. Please read on.

I'm quite familiar with living paycheck to paycheck. And yet, I still go to therapy.

Present day, real time, with hardly any money in the bank, I see a therapist, a psychiatrist, and a couple's therapist. I have also invested in a branding coach and a social media coach. Because these investments align with my values. Self improvement is the name of my game and my spending habits reflect that.

Recently I surveyed my audience with questions related to food and body image. I got 41 responses to the survey. Of those 41 people, over half said they would not invest in a Food and Body Image Coach due to money. The other half said they did not need a coach because they were comfortable with their bodies. This means everyone who could benefit from my services and fit my clientele said they would not get help due to cost. A few people mentioned they would only seek help if it were free.

Listen, I love you. But I gotta give you a hard truth.

More often than not, financial scarcity is a mindset. More often than not, you have money, but you are choosing to spend it on other things.

When I read the responses to why people would not seek help for their food and body woes, I cried.

Not because you may never hire me.

No, I cried because I saw the undeniable truth, reflected in numbers, that many women in our culture do not value their self worth.

I saw a population of women who would rather spend their lives hating their bodies than make a financial investment in their well-being.

I am offering a service that says: I will help you find peace, freedom, and joy and many women said, "I can't afford that."

But I can afford a new car, my favorite restaurant, and my manicure. All I want is for you to value your mental health as much as you value your cuticles.

Friend, family, or stranger, I will not offer my services for free. I also will not turn you away.

This is my promise to you. I know asking for help is one of the hardest things you may ever do. So if my listed prices do not work, we will find one that does.

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