9 Life-changing intuitive eating and body image books & podcasts

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

It's about time I tell you about all the incredible resources available out there. These books and podcasts have transformed me, inspired me, and challenged me in the best of ways.

They are listed in no particular order and I encourage you to see which ones speak to you and fit your style.

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Eating in the Light of the Moon:

How women can transform their relationships with food through myths, metaphors, and storytelling

This book is one of my personal favorites and was a source of inspiration, comfort, and guidance during my personal struggles with body dysmorphia and disordered eating.

If you appreciate the mystical and spiritual, this book is for you!


Intuitive Eating:

A revolutionary program that works

This book is the gold standard in the Intuitive Eating world. Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch spent years researching intuitive eating and have outlined the 10 key principles in this book.

Intuitive Eating is a wonderful book to have on hand and reference any time you have questions or need some guidance on your IE journey!


Life Without Ed:

How one woman declared independence from her eating disorder and you can too

Jenni Schaefer battled an eating disorder and writes with humor, honesty, and full transparency about her journey to food and body freedom.

She now speaks worldwide with the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) and has written another book, Goodbye Ed, Hello Me which outlines the next step in her healing journey: reclamation of self.

Check out Life Without Ed here!


Beyond Beautiful:

A practical guide to being happy, confident, and YOU in a look-obsessed world

If you hang out with me long enough, you'll hear my talk about body neutrality as opposed to body positivity.

So you can imagine my joy when I discovered this book, Beyond Beautiful, that outlines body neutrality in an easy-to-understand way and provides a lot of practical tips for jump-starting your healing journey right away.



Reclaim your time, money, well-being, and happiness through intuitive eating

Christy Harrison's book, Anti-Diet, is a MUST READ. In fact, I use this book as part of the curriculum in my 1:1 coaching program. This book is full of value and trustworthy stats.

Christy Harrison made a name for herself with her podcast Food Psych (referenced below) which I am a huge fan of. She is a registered dietician and a certified intuitive eating counselor.

Her book is an incredible resource for those who are looking to learn more about diet culture and break free from its lies.


Fattily Ever After:

A black fat girl's guide to living unapologetically

Don't walk, but RUN to get this book.

Stephanie Yeboah shares very important information about weight bias, weight stigma, and the intersection of these painful realities and being a Black woman.

Fattily Ever After is a much-needed voice and perspective in the field of body image work. Yeboah shares a beautiful mix of personal anecdotes, history, and stats and facts.




Christy Harrison, Food Psych, podcast, intuitive eating, body image, disordered eating, eating disorder, diet culture

Food Psych with Christy Harrison

I loveeeee Food Psych; it's an incredible place to get a ton of value about intuitive eating. Christy answers questions, hosts interviews with leaders in the field, and provides education weekly.


Julie Dillion, love food podcast, intuitive eating, disordered eating, body image, diet culture, mindfulness, mindful eating

Love, Food with Julie Duffy Dillon

On Love, Food, listeners write a letter to food and then Julie spends each episode talking through the content and offering support to her listeners. Part educational, part therapeutic, this podcast format is unlike any other!


Paige Smathers, Positive Nutrition, Nutrition Matters podcast, diet culture, food, intuitive eating, body image, wellbeing, mindfulness

Nutrition Matters with Paige Smathers

As a nutrition therapist, Paige Smathers hosts Nutrition Matters and conducts interviews with a wide variety of thought leaders. I love the diversity of podcasts guests and the broad range of topics she speaks on. Definitely worth a listen!


Woohoooo! It brings me such great joy to share these resources with you.

Reading books, listening to stories, and connecting with the journeys of others has been pivotal in my own healing. My wish is that they provide a similar experience for you.

Time to sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy! ♥