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2020 Mental Health Holiday Gift Guide

Tis the season for gift-giving!

I don't know about you, but I really love shopping for gifts and trying to find something special and unique.

This gift guide is full of intention. I've done my best to only include items from small businesses and make sure to note which ones are BIPOC owned.

Whether your loved one has been struggling with their body, food, another mental health concern, or they're simply stressed out cause #2020, there's a gift here you'll love!


Hopefully the holidays are a time of connection and heart opening for you. But I also know the reality is that this time of year can bring up painful memories or evoke more stress than normal.

I've created some worksheets to help you mentally plan and prepare for the holidays so your body, mind, and spirit will be well taken care of! Download them now!


✨Self-care Essentials✨

I know we've all probably heard self-care talked about excessively this year, but that's because it's important.

These self-care items can be purchased individually or you can get creative and build a self-care kit for a loved one!

Throw some items together in a basket and give them a COVID-friendly in-home spa day or provide them with some mindful entertainment to get them through these winter months!


Everyone needs a good journal or two or three. There are a NUMBER of different journal styles out there. Some are guided, some are blank pages.

Want to buy a ready made cute journal?

Support small businesses by shopping from Etsy! They have journals galore!

Want to make an inexpensive, personalized journal for a loved one?

👉Buy a composition notebook

👉Find cute paper or cut out pictures and words from a magazine that remind you of your loved one

👉Glue the paper onto the front and back covers of the composition notebook

👉Use Modge Podge to seal it in and make it look professional!

Check out a few journals I've made over the years! (The one on the left a friend made, the one on the right is VERY old, and the one in the center is my current journal that I made a few weeks ago!)

Want an inexpensive guided journal?

My friend and fellow entrepreneur, Rebekah Joan, runs a business all about intentional living and she has a guided journal available for purchase for only $5!

This purchase is for a digital download so you'll need to print it out before you give it as a gift! You could even put it in a notebook as pictured below or make it crafty and cute for them!

Essential Oils and/or a diffuser

I loveeeee me some essential oils. Tapping into our senses is one of the best ways to ground yourself in the present moment and regulate big emotions.

I use Young Living Essential Oils for their high standards, premium ingredients, and huge variety of products. I've been using Young Living Essential Oils for over 10 years and HIGHLY recommend them for anyone wanting to explore the world of essential oils!

There are literally thousands of products to choose from, so I'll share a few of my favorites with you!

*All Young Living links below are connected to my mom's Young Living business because she's a Young Living Queen and she'll receive a commission from your purchases

Stress Away - This blend is one of my favorites and is perfect for a loved one who struggles with anxiety. I'll rub it on my wrist or diffuse it in my house when I'm wanting to feel soothed.

Lavender - Lavender oil has many uses, but for the sake of this post, it's a great gift for someone who struggles with insomnia or restlessness at night. Lavender is great to put on your pillow or diffuse in the air as you're winding down and getting ready for bed.

The Serenity Now Collection - Get both Stress Away, Lavender, AND Peace & Calming (another great oil for stress) in this cute carrying case! This makes the PERFECT gift for someone in your life struggling with stress and anxiety!

Don't forget the diffuser!!! - I love diffusing essential oils throughout my home. Although most of these oils can be used topically, there's something extra lovely about walking into a room and immediately being greeted with a relaxing scent. Diffusing oils is especially a great option for those who are working from home right now!

If you want to get the absolute most bang for your buck, check out this starter kit that comes with 12 essential oils AND a diffuser! This would make SUCH A GREAT GIFT (for yourself or a loved one!)

If you have any questions about how to order, what oils might be a good fit for you or a loved one, or what it means to be a "member" (I promise it's nothing scary and doesn't lock you into anything) don't hesitate to reach out and ask me questions!


Who doesn't love a good candle? Candles are one of the EASIEST ways to set a relaxing mood. They can create a sense of calm and peace in the home or they can be used as part of a structured meditation practice.

My philosophy? It's impossible to have too many candles. They're affordable and make great gifts!

Since you can get a candle from pretty much anywhere, this is a wonderful opportunity to be conscious and selective about where you spend your money! Try to buy local or from a woman owned, BIPOC owned, or LGTBQ owned business!

👇Here are some BIPOC owned small businesses to buy your next candle from!

Gift Certificate to a Float Tank

Alright, here me out, but have you ever been to a float tank (also called sensory deprivation tanks)?

I'll admit that the concept was perplexing at first and my actual experience of trying one out took some getting used to... but floating is an incredible way to de-stress the body and soothe your nervous system.

Floating is also a great COVID-friendly activity! As much as I love massages, I have mixed feelings about receiving one right now, even if masked. But floating is totally an isolated activity!

Google "Float tank your city" and see if there are any float businesses in the area! Buy a gift card for your loved one and you've given them an experience they won't forget!


✨For people who like to make a statement✨

"Sisterhood is a form of therapy" tote bag or t-shirt

Fly By Knight is a Brooklyn based small business founded by and designed to support Women of Color.

This Etsy shop owned by queer artist, Callie Garp, has so many cool products for that socially conscious, fabulously feminist person in your life!

This product line started out as an IG community of therapists and mental health advocates. They've since started creating products to normalize and promote mental health care!

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty obsessed with all of these sweatshirts and I have a few of them on my wishlist this year! Here are a few of my favorites, but there are SO MANY great ones!


✨Support Joyful Movement✨

There are so many ways we can move our body that supports our mental health rather than feels like a chore or obligation.

Giving someone the gift of movement, especially if you know they enjoy it, is a practical and thoughtful gift! You're supporting a passion of theirs and saving them money! Win, win!!

BIPOC owned - If you know of someone who likes to boogie, they're sure to find a class they'll enjoy from Alvin Ailey Extension. As the name suggests, this is an extension of the famous (my all-time favorite) dance company, Alvin Ailey.

💃Offering lots of beginner classes and classes in super fun styles like Samba, African-Brazillian, and Bellydance (plus lots more) there's something for everyone! All classes are offered online! What a great idea for a family dance party!

You can type up a cute gift certificate saying you'll purchase $x.xx amount of dance classes and maybe you can join your friends or family by taking a class with them!

BIPOC owned - Based in Brooklyn, this yoga and meditation studio is offering all of their classes online right now. You can support your loved one's connection to their spirit and their body by buying them a few classes!

Offering yoga classes at a variety of levels and offering different types of meditation sittings, each class is only $10! Support your loved one's pre-existing mindfulness practice or introduce them to something new!

Yoga studios can be daunting. Especially when yoga studios are now breeding grounds for diet-culture. UGH.

Anna Guest-Jelley is the founder of Curvy Yoga and she makes yoga accessible for all bodies and all sizes.

Yoga is such a powerful way for you to connect with your body and mind. It truly is designed to be a spiritual practice - not a power hour.

If you or a loved one have been wanting to explore yoga and meditation, you can gift a monthly subscription to Curvy Yoga and get immediate access to all of the videos!


✨A body image boost✨

BIPOC owned

Body respect is a component of intuitive eating. And one of the ways we can respect our body is by making it as comfortable a home as possible.

If you have a close family member or friend who has complained about their thighs rubbing together or getting blisters on their feet, this natural balm stick could be a perfect stocking stuffer! It's designed to protect your skin when clothes or skin are rubbing against it. Which is normal and uncomfortable.

Let's normalize finding solutions to discomfort rather than putting the blame on our body!

Books are one of the most affordable ways you can offer a loved one concrete support with their body image healing!

I've ditched Amazon and I'm now partnering with Bookshop. Bookshop gives 10% of all sales to independent bookstores!! That's AMAZING.

Rather than listing all of my favorite body image books here, hop on over to my personal page on Bookshop and browse my favorite intuitive eating and anti-diet books! With every purchase you make from my Bookshop page, I'll receive a portion of the sales AND so will an independent bookstore!

All of the books listed here are incredible resources for the person in your life who is looking to learn more about intuitive eating, heal their relationship with their body, and understand the connection between white supremacy and diet-culture.

Another great stocking stuffer, these stickers are designed by HAES aligned dietitian, Rachel Beiler. Rachel has so many cute designs. Here's just a peek at some of them!

This is the perfect gift for a co-worker, friend, or perhaps even someone you went through ED recovery with!

Stick them on your laptop, water bottle, mirror or anywhere you could use some encouragement!

Clothing Subscription Box

If you've ever been like "Hey Chelsea, cute shirt!" that cute shirt is most likely from Stitch Fix.

Clothes shopping stresses me out. Big time. So I'm either wearing t-shirts I've owned since high school, a super cool thrift store find, or something a little nicer from Stitch Fix.

Clothing subscription boxes are such a fun gift! You can get your loved one a gift card and they'll get to work with a stylist and get clothes that match their style delivered to their door. No dressing rooms, no overwhelm. Just the excitement of receiving new clothes delivered to your doorstep!

👉Stitch Fix is what I've used and can vouch for! They currently go up to size 3X. Buy a Stitch Fix gift card here.

👉I also recently discovered Dia which is a company with more inclusive sizing and goes up to size 5X! I'm looking forward to trying them out! Buy a Dia gift card here.

Neither of these links are affiliate links! They'll just take you straight to the gift card page!

Wearing clothes that fit and match our personal style can be a huge confident boost! If someone you love needs to refresh their closet, but you don't want to do the shopping for them, getting them a clothing subscription box is the way to go!


✨Mental Health Support✨

A weighted blanket

I'm a firm believer and supporter of weighted blankets.... even though I don't own one. 🤦‍♀️ Eek, that's right. You caught me.

It's been on my list of things to buy for myself for a long time. I recommend them to my clients and I've had multiple therapists recommend it to me! And I've heard great reports from people who do own them.

Weighted blankets are a wonderful way to soothe the nervous system and are especially useful for people with autism, ADHD, and anxiety.

Since I can't recommend a specific brand personally, 👉here's an article that reviews 11 different weighted blankets! I remember one of my previous therapists telling me to make sure I get one that's made with glass beads.

A subscription to a meditation app

Teaching mindfulness skills is a HUGE component of the work I do with clients.

Anyone and everyone could benefit from devoting more time to quieting their mind, coming into connection with their heart, and deepening into their chosen spiritual practice.

And this holiday season, you could give your loved ones a year-long subscription to either the Insight Timer app or the Calm app!

Both of these apps offer free versions as well, but with the paid subscription you get access to all sort of bonus goodies like workshops and courses.

I personally have used Insight Timer for years, but my husband's family uses the Calm app and they love it! Explore them both and see which one resonates with you!

Donation to a cause they care about

Many of us don't need more things laying around the house. Giving a donation to an organization your loved one cares about, in their honor, can be a really meaningful and touching gift.

If you're not sure where to donate, here are a few ideas! 👇

The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) - a non-profit, fat-rights organization that stands against the discrimination of fat people and advocates for compassionate medical care and so much more!

Project Heal - An organization that helps people get eating disorder treatment who otherwise couldn't afford it. They (and I!!) believe ED recovery shouldn't be reserved for people with privilege and fight for ED treatment equity!

The Loveland Foundation - A therapy fund designed to help Black women and girls get access to therapy nation-wide! This is currently the organization I donate a portion of all my business income to!


Hopefully the holidays are a time of connection and heart opening for you. But I also know the reality is that this time of year can bring up painful memories or evoke more stress than normal.

I've created some worksheets to help you mentally plan and prepare for the holidays so your body, mind, and spirit will be well taken care of! Download them now!



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