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This book is full of all the resources you could ever need to get fed, feel loved, and not go crazy during these next few weeks/months.


I cover:

  • How to get groceries delivered to your doorstep
  • What pantry items you must have on hand right now
  • My all-time favorite recipes that require minimal ingredients and minimal effort.
  • Social-distance-approved joyful movement activities
  • A compilation of all the FREE ways you can participate in group fitness classes right now
  • What to do if mindless snacking defines your relationship with food during the quarantine
  • How to create a morning routine you love




$2 of every purchase is being donated towards Coronavirus relief.

Coronavirus Survival Guide: Food, Body Image, & Mental Health

  • Delivered in PDF format - make sure to download and save the e-book to your computer for future use. 

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