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The Freedom Session

Change starts TODAY


Have you ever thought...

  • How do I navigate grocery stores without getting overwhelmed and prevent walking out with #allthethings?

  • Why do I hate exercising and how do I motivate myself to do it? 

  • Does intuitive eating mean I get to eat whatever I want?

  • How the heck do I create structure in my meal planning without being rigid and counting calories?

  • I'm tired of eating the same thing week after week but want to avoid all the "bad" foods out there

  • How do I incorporate Intuitive Eating into my crazy schedule and life?!

  • I get anxiety going to gyms and have given up on this whole "working out" thing

Then a Freedom Session is for you.


The Freedom Session is a 90-minute strategy session designed to get you from here 👉 there by the end of our call.

You'll be held, seen, and walk away with clear next steps.

With 3 different options to choose from, we'll hop on the call with a clear goal in mind and you'll get an experience tailored to YOU, YOUR needs, YOUR life. 

Choose the session that speaks to you!

Joyful Movement

Strategy Session

  • Examine long-held beliefs about exercise and the role it has played in your life

  • Explore and learn about a wide variety of movement types

  • Get clear on what types of movement you want to pursue moving forward

  • Create a daily/weekly plan for movement 

  • Leave with resources, notes, and a detailed summary of how you will incorporate movement in your life

Intuitive Eating

Strategy Session

  • Explore your previous relationship with food and diet culture

  • Learn the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating

  • Explore what Intuitive Eating looks like in your daily life

  • Get clear on any roadblocks or obstacles you face when pursuing Intuitive Eating

  • Leave with resources, notes, and a detailed summary of how you will incorporate Intuitive Eating in your life

Your investment:


Meal Prep

Strategy Session

  • Explore your biggest challenges with meal prep & grocery shopping

  • Learn practical meal prep & grocery shopping tips and tricks

  • Create a month's worth of meal ideas and planning on the call

  • Get clear on how to strategically and efficiently meal plan/grocery shop in the future

  • Leave with resources, notes, and a detailed meal plan for the month

**Note this "meal plan" is not based on calories or strict nutrition guidelines. It is grounded in Intuitive Eating principles and is designed to decrease overwhelm when grocery shopping, facilitate creativity in your kitchen and create a loose structure for meals.

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