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stop obsessing.

start living. 

You're tired of counting calories,

picking apart your flaws, and obsessing

about what to eat.

It's time to tune out the noise of diet-culture

And turn up the volume of your soul.

Because you have a life to live, an impact to make, and joy to feel.


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1:1 Coaching

I'd love to support you in healing your relationships with food, your body, or money via Intuitive Eating Counseling or YNAB Budget Coaching!

Free Resources

From workbooks to checklists to meditations, I've got a library of downloadable goodies you can get started with today!

The Blog

Dive into a collection of blog posts I've written about Intuitive Eating, mindfulness, body image, and so much more!

Hello, Radiant Soul

I'm Chelsea
Intuitive Eating Counselor & Anti-diet Coach

I help you stop worrying about food and hating your body. For good. 



By teaching you ways to shift your mindset, be the real you, and lead a life with soul, intuition, and purpose.

More heart. Less fear.

Because you’re meant for that.

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