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You Need a Budget (YNAB) Resources
YNAB Workshop mockup.jpg

Brand new to YNAB? Not even sure what I'm talking about?

This workshop is for you.

Get immediate access to this 45-minute workshop where I walk you through the YNAB software and method so you can see for yourself why YNAB is such a financial game-changer!

Intuitive Eating Resources
move your bod 2.jpg

Did you know that "exercise" and "fun" can go in the same sentence?

Download this guide with 

50 joyful movement ideas 

- free of "shoulds," rules, and comparison so you can take your health to a new level! 

Get my step-by-step guide to living a diet-free & heart-centered life TODY.jpg

Ditching Diet-Culture 101

This 10-page guide provides tangible resources & 5 action steps you can take to help shift your mindset and relationship with your body and food - TODAY. 

How to Handle Rude.jpg

Are you tired of people commenting on your weight and food choices?

This 14-page guide has you covered with practical tips and scripted responses you can use in a variety of situations!

Cognitive Distortions Workbook Image.jpg

Challenge your thoughts & change the narrative.


Use this workbook to navigate critical thoughts that arise about your body or painful stories you have about food.

Printable and ready to use immediately!

When eating feels hard.jpg

Eating can feel extra hard when you're tired, depressed, and/or have no appetite.

This workbook will leave you with action steps you can take immediately to make eating easier during the tough times.


Never feel "less than" after an IG scoll again.

Get your list of 50 Body Neutral, Anti-Diet, IE, & HAES Instagram Accounts delivered straight to your inbox!

Untitled design (1).png

Want to spice up your mealtimes?

This list of mindful eating ideas is perfect for your refrigerator!

WFH Setup


With new content continuously added this is a treasure trove of information!

Get started with my most popular Intuitive Eating, body image or mindfulness posts. 

Prefer to browse them all?

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