Live your best life

Diet. Free. 

Hi love, I see you...

You’re doing your best to hold yourself together, get everything right, and make everyone happy, every. freakin. day.

And you still feel like you’re not enough.

It’s a constant battle, a never-ending project to do more, weigh less, and be perfect.

At the end of the day, you feel beaten up, frustrated, and on the verge of tears.


You're. Sick. Of. It.

I get it.

Because I was you.


I sucked in my tummy, skipped meals, exercised for days, and felt worthless if my butt didn't fit in my jeans. But then I had a wake-up call. An "aha" moment. 


This diet B.S.? It's ridiculous.

The size of your waist and the food on your plate do not define you.

I see a spark. a light. a force inside of you that is unshakable.


Let's access THAT.

The Soulful Food and Body Experience
A 12-week program taking you from comparison traps and obsessive thinking to living a heart-centered life you love.

The Framework

Phase 1


​You will:

  • Get clear on how you really feel about food and your body.

  • Begin integrating mindfulness practices into your daily life.

  • Begin shifting your perception of food and your body.

  • Understand your mealtime environment and eating habits.

Phase 2


​You will:

  • Develop a new relationship with your body.

  • Learn the principles of Intuitive Eating.

  • Discover ways to move joyfully.

  • Increase your connection to your feelings and intuition. 

Phase 3


​You will:

  • Tap into your values, beliefs, personal truth.

  • Explore spiritual or big picture perspectives of your body and food.

  • Cultivate your spirit self. 

  • Learn how to integrate your passions and values into your daily life. 

The results?
You're off the diet train. FOR GOOD.

There's space in your life for passion, spontaneity, and joy.

You. Are. FREE. 

“This experience with Chelsea has been totally life-changing. I feel more free and less controlled by what I eat than ever before.”

Soulful Food and Body Experience ALum

The path is winding and the journey worth taking. I am here to hold your hand, cheer you on, and catch you if you stumble.

The deets​​

  • A thorough initial intake call to discuss your paperwork, assessments, and to set your unique program goals.

  • (6) 1-1 calls so that you feel supported while making massive changes in your relationship with food and your body. We meet 2 times each month with plenty of time between calls for you to implement your weekly action items.

  • Voxer support between sessions so that you are celebrating wins and getting daily support to fast-track your progress to food and body freedom.

  • The Soulful Food and Body Experience Curriculum: Journal prompts, guided meditations, worksheets, and weekly assignments providing you with opportunities to deepen and grow.

  • Receive a customized resource designed specifically for you and your healing journey.


We'll jump on a phone call** to see if the Soulful Food and Body Experience is a good fit for us both!


Contract, invoice, scheduling.

You'll hit the ground running just. like. that.

Watch out world. Here comes another badass, authentic woman stepping into her POWER and rebelling again diet-culture. 

** In order for me to customize The Soulful Food and Body Experience to your greatest needs, I'm unable to list one, set investment cost for the program. Once you apply, we'll discuss what price point and payment plans work best for you!

OMG my eyes are filled with tears. Chelsea is a true angel on earth. Her tips are helping me get to know food and my body in a totally new way. 

Chelsea is so. so. good. I look forward to any interaction with her and read every word of what she sends me.  Her teachings have helped my struggles immensely. 

Wow Chelsea's tips have TOTALLY helped me not get nearly as overwhelmed grocery shopping!

You want more for yourself than the calorie counting, the restricting, the bingeing. 


You have goals to achieve. People to fall in love with. Places to travel. Adventures to enjoy.

And a soul to know (your own).


Your obsession with food and appearance is standing in your way.


You're stuck in a space of not being present, not being vulnerable, not being you.

What's worse, you know if you keep on like this you're going to pass down these fears to your children. And your children's children. Because insecurity... it doesn't just disappear overnight.

And one day you'll look back and say, "Danggggg, I missed out on my life."

“Chelsea is truly a ray of sunshine that will illuminate your higher self so you can see just how worthy you are of peace. The Soulful Food and Body Experience makes society's expectations and the comparisons fade away to make room for what you really want. I feel lighter after working with Chelsea, and that's exactly what I needed.”

Soulful Food and Body Experience ALum


First, check out the

 Soulful Food and Body Experience FAQs.

Further questions? Shoot me an email!

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