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The Soulful Food and Body Experience


Break free from comparison traps and obsessive thinking so you can live a
heart-centered life you love. 
Next round begins February 2024
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Live your best life

Diet. Free. 

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You’ve been concerned about your appearance for as long as you can remember.




Wellness hacks? 


You’ve done it all.


Willpower and control seem like the only path to making peace with your body and food. Except... it's not working.

You feel like a failure every time a diet doesn’t “work” and yet you keep trying to make “lifestyle changes” time and time again thinking you’re the problem.

You hate your soft bits, your curvy bits, or maybe you hate it all. Your inner-critic runs the show and is always around to make sure you feel less than enough. 


On top of it all, your passions, your light, and your dreams have gotten dim. You’ve been so concerned with your body and food that you’ve forgotten how to actually LIVE.

Your soul was made for more than this and you know it. You’re ready for a change. 

Your obsessions with food and appearance are standing in your way.

I know you might not feel like you can conquer diet-culture, but I want you to dare to imagine something different.

What if you really could...

  • Wake up first thing and tap into gratitude for a new day and the body you have

  • Go to happy hour with your friends and enjoy a marg (or two or three) guilt-free

  • Spend less time meal prepping and freaking out in grocery stores because feeding yourself is no longer a daily battle


  • Strut your stuff in a bathing suit or strip down in the bedroom feeling confident in your body as it is right now


  • Feel present in your relationships - showing up as the full, authentic, and messy version of yourself while giving others permission to do the same.


  • Enjoy belly laughs, game nights, dance parties, and flirty fun without obsessively thinking about your previous meal, your next meal, or who’s going to eat that last cookie on the counter.

  • Live a life steered by your passions and dreams, not the latest magazine headline. Step into your power and become the badass human you were designed to be.

Good news. All of that is possible.


The Soulful Food and Body Experience - a 3 month group coaching program - was designed for people who are ready to ditch diets, turn inward, and find lasting peace and freedom. 


Hi, I'm Chelsea

10 years ago I sucked in my tummy, skipped meals, exercised for days, and felt worthless if my butt didn't fit in my jeans.

My healing journey began when I lived in the woods for two months without access to a mirror.

I had an important wake-up call. This dieting B.S. is ridiculous.


My eyes were opened to the oppressive systems around me. There was no turning back.


👉Then I went to therapy. Lots and lots of therapy. 

My own healing journey prompted me to get my master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.


It's my honor to ethically coach you with the same compassion, non-judgment, and expertise that I received on my healing journey so that you can put your years of shame and obsessive thinking behind you.


"After the Soulful Food and Body Experience, I no longer fear food or food events, I haven't acted on a disordered eating behavior in how long??? I'm more accepting and appreciative of my body and what it does for me. I am able to recognize hunger and comfortable fullness and no longer think about food or eating 24/7."

Soulful Food and Body Experience ALum

"Food is something that I'm no longer scared of. I eat when I'm hungry regardless of how many times a day that is, or what time of day it is, and until I'm full. I've learned to love my tummy and accept the beautiful body I have.  I've also learned that our bodies are gonna change so many times throughout our life and that it's okay to grieve what it once was, but also recognize how amazing it is now."

Soulful Food and Body Experience ALum

"This program and feedback were specific to my journey and my needs. You can't put a price on having peace with something that's as big a part of your life as eating is. Chelsea was always a calm voice of reason in the storms and always my biggest cheerleader."

Soulful Food and Body Experience ALum

What's included in the Soulful Food and Body Experience:

  • The Soulful Food and Body Experience Curriculum: The backbone of the program, this curriculum is skillfully designed to guide and support you on your healing journey using Intuitive Eating, Health At Every Size, mindfulness, and Body Trust principles. Get 12 weeks of assignments, journal prompts, and activities delivered to your inbox every Monday. 

  • 9 group coaching calls: This is where the magic happens! Over the course of 12 weeks, you'll get to bond, cry, laugh, share, and learn from other incredible humans on a similar healing journey as you! We'll meet three times a month (with one week off each month for implementation) for 1.5-hour group coaching calls facilitated by me

  • 24/7 support in the Voxer community: Hang out with me and the other group members in our Voxer group chat! This is the place to ask questions in between group calls, share helpful resources with each other, and deepen in community and connection!


  • Free copies of the Intuitive Eating and Anti-Diet books: These books supplement my program curriculum and are critical in helping you get a deeper understanding of what’s going on in your body and mind as you heal your relationships with food and your body.

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Next round begins February 2024
Join the waitlist to be notified when enrollment opens 👇

“You get so many good resources and the amount of work given is perfect because it makes you think about your mind, body, and soul and gives you time to reflect on that work between meetings.

Soulful Food and Body Experience ALum

"The care that Chelsea put into this coaching program is so evident. From the assignments, the meditations, emails, blog posts, coaching calls, etc. everything is rooted in love and pure intentions. She always goes the extra mile and it truly shows"

Soulful Food and Body Experience ALum

“Before joining the Soulful Food and Body Experience the thought of freedom in regards to food and my body was something very foreign to me. I had spent so much time (basically my whole life) worried about calories and my reflection in the mirror.


Throughout our time together, Chelsea was kind and understanding and never once made me feel guilt or shame over the way I was feeling or processing things. Being met with encouragement rather than shame made all the difference.


The support and genuine love I received in this area of my life has put me on a totally new path when it comes to food and my body. I’m forever thankful.


After completing this program, I can go to a restaurant and pick the menu item I want rather than what I “should” have. If I feel full, I can stop without clearing my plate, but if I’m still hungry, I can get seconds without guilt. 


I feel more free and less controlled by what I eat than ever before.


My mental health and personal wellbeing are forever changed and I can’t even put a price on that. 


The Soulful Food and Body Experience has been life-changing and I would totally recommend it to the people in my life.”

~SFBE Alum

You might be thinking...

"I've tried everything. How do I know this is going to work?"

I totally understand that doubts and fears might be arising within you. Most people come to me after they’ve tried every diet and other healing modality on the planet.


The last thing you want is to feel like you’ve failed at something… again.




And the truth is…

when it comes to mental health, whether something "works" or not is hard to measure.

Here’s what you can expect: Growth. Learning. New awareness. Eyes being opened. And a lot of practical skills and tools and techniques you can use for the rest of your life.


The beautiful truth is, you cannot undo learning.


The “ahas” you have during our time together will stick with you forever.

Your journal entries are yours to refer back to anytime you need them.

The new awareness you gain about diet-culture, cannot be undone.

The friendships you make will become a life-long support team.


It is impossible for you to complete this program (assuming you do the assignments, show up for coaching calls, and bounce thoughts off of other group members) and not feel more connected to yourself - your truth - after this process.


I understand that you want to heal so badly. That you want the stress of food and your body image to disappear and never return again. I wish that for you as well.


And this program will help you get there!


I also know that “off days” happen and that healing isn’t linear. 


The Soulful Food and Body Experience helps you dig in, do some serious inner work, and equips you with tools and skills you can use for the rest of your life so that you feel supported and able to handle anything that arises long after our 3 months together.

The Framework

I’ve carefully crafted this program with the intention of moving you forward on your healing journey via a combination of awareness and action.

Phase 1

Increasing Awareness

​You will:

  • Deep dive into your thoughts and beliefs about food and your body.

  • Begin integrating mindfulness practices into your daily life.

  • Begin shifting your perception of food and your body.

  • Raise awareness of your mealtime environment and eating habits.

Phase 2

Intuitive eating and joyful movement

​You will:

  • Learn about intuitive eating and joyful movement

  • Get embodied (aka, not living from the neck-up!)

  • Get reacquainted with your hunger & fullness cues

  • Learn to discern what’s underneath your cravings

  • Find ways to move your body that feel good

Phase 3

Stepping into your power as an anti-dieter

​You will:

  • Explore your soul, spirit, higher-self, and learn ways to stay connected to it in a world that’s saturated with diet-culture

  • Take all the skills you’ve learned up to this point and learn how to integrate them into your life moving forward

  • Learn how to live a life guided by passion, love, and joy instead of fear 

Get off the diet train.

Your inner critic has been running the show, but now’s the time to put your heart and soul in the driver’s seat of your life.


You’ve fought a valiant fight to keep up with the world around you, but trust me when I say, you don’t have to fight any longer.

The full program investment:
3 monthly payments of $350 
Next round begins February 2024
Join the waitlist to be notified when enrollment opens 👇

I came into the Soulful Food and Body Experience wanting to work on body image and trusting myself. I have struggled for as long as I can remember with both. 


Now, I see myself as having a lot more freedom in my movement and my food. My body is totally capable of telling me when I need to eat and what it wants, and I can trust that. 


I see myself as more prepared to handle my cravings and tendencies to binge or restrict and instead just pay attention to my hunger-fullness cues. I can go shopping now more confidently knowing that my body is how it should be, and even if I don't love it all the time, I can accept it.


This was worth the investment because not only did I get one-on-one meetings for three months, but I also took away tools I will use for the rest of my life as I continue in my journey to self-acceptance. It truly changed how I think about things in great ways. 

Chelsea is amazing!!! She is truly a ray of sunshine that will illuminate your higher self so you can see just how worthy you are of peace. She truly cared about me as a person. When I reached out, I always heard from her very quickly, and I am so grateful."

~SFBE Alum

  • Is this a weight loss program?
    No. I teach intuitive eating principles and work from a Health At Every Size approach, neither of which endorse weight loss as a goal. During our time together you may lose weight, gain weight, or your weight may stay the same. Learning to accept that all three of these outcomes are possible, at any point in life, is something we will work on together. The Soulful Food and Body Experience places emphasis on your relationships with food and your body. If you are looking for a weight loss program, please do not apply.
  • What makes you qualified to do this work?
    I have my master's degree in Clinical Mental Health and specialize in eating disorders, disordered eating, and body image. As of fall 2020, I’m in the process of becoming a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor under the supervision of the founders of IE. When you're seeking mental health support, it's very important to look at tangible qualifications and experience. A person’s popularity on social media is not necessarily an indicator of their training and credentials. You can see my certifications and work experience on my About Me page for further information.
  • What makes this program different from other programs?
    The two biggest factors that make this program unique and more comprehensive than other coaching programs is the curriculum and group support. I’ve created 12 weeks of structured assignments and a curriculum (worksheets, journal prompts, guided meditations, etc.) that are unique to this program and grounded in my prior work as a therapist and my knowledge of ED recovery and healing from diet-culture. Additionally, I truly believe the support in-between group sessions is priceless. Having a community to connect with via Slack is such an integral part of this experience! This isn't an online course you complete at your own pace. This is a LIVE experience and a chance to learn from others as well as get personalized coaching from me.
  • Is there a way to keep working with you after the 3 months?
    Yes! I offer a la carte coaching sessions or Voxer support that is available to you at any time! I will not leave you hanging! Promise. You can learn more about my 1:1 coaching here!
  • Do you work with people who have a clinical eating disorder?
    No. I’m happy to refer you to a therapist or a treatment center near you. I’m currently working as a coach, not a therapist, so I’m careful to only serve people who will benefit from this level of care. Here is a screening tool from the National Eating Disorders Association, NEDA, if you’re concerned your struggles may meet criteria for an eating disorder:

You were put on this earth to do more than count calories and fixate on your curves.


There is a spark. a light. a force inside of you that is unshakable.

I'm here to help you access THAT.

Next round begins February 2024
Join the waitlist to be notified when enrollment opens 👇
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