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5 books & podcasts to jumpstart your Intuitive Eating journey

Updated: Jun 9

Books and podcasts about intuitive eating and body image

Intuitive Eating books and podcasts: Where to start?

When you're new to intuitive eating and eager to learn all there is to know it can be daunting figuring out where to start. There's no shortage of highly informative and educational books and podcasts about intuitive eating, Health At Every Size, body acceptance, and anti-fatness.

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For this blog post, I chose a handful of recommendations so you have a clear starting point.

These 5 resources are the ones I most frequently recommend to help you get a lay of the land, learn the research behind intuitive eating, and clear up the plethora of myths and misconceptions about weight.


Intuitive Eating & Anti-Diet Books

Intuitive eating book

The book that started it all! Written by two dietitians, Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, the book introduces the concept of intuitive eating, a philosophy that promotes a healthy relationship with food by listening to your body's natural hunger and fullness cues. The book guides you through practical steps to break free from the cycle of chronic dieting and embrace a more compassionate, mindful way of eating. Packed with expert advice, research-backed insights, and empowering exercises, Intuitive Eating is your go-to resource for reclaiming a joyful and balanced approach to nourishment and self-care.

This is the first book I always recommend to clients!


Anti-Diet book to support your intuitive eating journey

Christy Harrison is a seasoned dietitian, journalist, and host of the Food Psych & Rethinking Wellness podcasts (referenced below). Christy critiques the diet industry and breaks down why diet culture is so harmful. In Anti-Diet, she debunks diet myths, advocating for a radical shift towards intuitive eating and body acceptance. Filled with relatable stories, solid research, and practical tips, Anti-Diet helps you make peace with food and reclaim your relationship with your body. This book is not just a call to ditch diets for good; it’s a manifesto for a more compassionate, inclusive approach to health. If you’re ready to embrace a diet-free lifestyle, this book is a necessary read!



Intuitive Eating & Anti-Diet Podcasts

Maintenance Phase podcast logo about intuitive eating

Hosted by the hilarious (yes, this podcast is laugh-out-loud funny) and insightful duo Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes, this podcast takes a deep dive into the wild world of health myths. Aubrey and Michael blend humor with research to expose the truth behind popular diet trends, from the history of the BMI to the truth about the Atkins Diet. For a fun and eye-opening look at what’s really going on in the health industry, Maintenance Phase is your go-to podcast.


Food Psych podcast logo - to support intuitive eating

Christy Harrison, dietitian and author of Anti-Diet and The Wellness Trap dives into all things food, body image, and mental health in her first podcast, Food Psych. Christy answers questions, conducts interviews with leaders in the field, and provides education weekly. Christy also breaks down diet culture myths and promotes intuitive eating in a relatable way.


Rethinking Wellness podcast logo to support intuitive eating

This is Christy's newest podcast. In Rethinking Wellness, Christy discusses the myths and misconceptions that dominate the wellness world. Wellness culture is the new diet culture and Christy sheds light on current fads and beliefs. Each episode features thought-provoking interviews with leading experts.


Woohoooo! It brings me such great joy to share these resources with you. Embarking on your intuitive eating journey can be exciting and transformative, and having the right resources makes all the difference.

Reading books, listening to stories, and connecting with the journeys of others have been pivotal in my healing. My wish is that they provide a similar experience for you.

Time to sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy! ♥


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