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Intuitive Eating: First steps you can take TODAY.

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

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If you haven't already, be sure to check out my Intuitive Eating 101 post which introduces intuitive eating and its 10 principles. Once you've read that, you will be all set to start implementing some IE techniques!

Now that we're all on the same page and eager to start taking action on our intuitive eating journeys, you may be wondering...



Very important and common questions!

I wish I could tell you that the intuitive eating path has a clear start and a clear finish. But it does not.

Becoming reacquainted with our bodies, our taste buds, and our emotions are all wildly personal experiences. 👉Therefore, no two intuitive eating journeys will look alike.

Hear me again, no two intuitive eating journeys will look alike.

One of my favorite takeaways from IE is the core teaching that our relationships with our bodies and food are entirely our own.

Which means, my body, my business. Your body, your business.


The First Step

The first step you can take on your IE journey is to consciously part ways with the dieting lifestyle and the goal of losing weight.

I know, I knowwwww, that is a big ask.

You might be unsatisfied with the size and shape of your body. Let me normalize this and say that you are not alone. In fact, you are in the majority.

👉The dieting and weight loss industry is a $72 billion industry that profits off of your insecurities and self-hatred.

You are constantly being fed information about how weight loss will make your world go 'round and your dreams come true.

And on a more serious note, you've probably been told that weight loss equals health.

Whether you're pursuing weight loss for confidence or "health," it's important you realize that the "thin ideal" creates a society in which oppression and discrimination of people in larger bodies is permissible and rampant.

When embarking on your Intuitive Eating journey, you must make the conscious choice to start actively rebelling against diet-culture.

You can start questioning your motivation for pursuing weight loss and the stories you've been told about what being thin or fit means. What do you believe thinness says about your worth? What do you believe thinness says about your health?

This is hard work and is done best with the support of a counselor - like me! You can check out my 1:1 coaching here!

👉Just because pursuing weight loss is "the norm" does not mean it's the path to health, inner peace, or success of any kind.

👉For many, the pursuit of weight loss is actually quite disordered, mentally exhausting, and leads to stress, guilt, and shame --> None of which are indicators of health.

With intuitive eating, you must be willing to accept that losing weight may not be the end result.

For some of you, changing your relationship with food and mealtimes may result in weight loss. For some of you, your weight may stay the same. And for some of you, your weight may increase.

Finding acceptance with any outcome is part of the healing work you'll do as you start to distance yourself from diet-culture!

💗With Intuitive Eating you pursue food that is satisfying and nourishing, movement that supports your overall wellbeing, and a deeper connection to your body's needs and wants. Weight loss is no longer the motivation behind how and why you eat.

I am here to support you through this journey and the process in any way I can! 💗


Looking for more concrete steps to begin shifting your relationship with food and your body?


The Second Step

The next step you can take on your intuitive eating journey is to reclaim your right to eat what you want, when you want.

🙌YOUR BODY belongs to YOU.

🙌Your body is yours to take care of, to make happy, to honor, to feed, to nourish, to enjoy.

The way you choose to do these things requires no defense, explanation, or justification.

And just as you do not have to explain your weight and food choices to others, others do not have to explain their weight and food choices to you.

It is not your job to monitor what is on my plate. It is not your business whether I eat sweets for breakfast or breakfast for dinner. And it is definitely not your responsibility to keep track of or comment on my weight.

As you embark on this journey, you will learn to stay in your lane when it comes to monitoring the food and weight of those around you. And you will also learn how to set boundaries when others make comments about your body and food choices.

Feel into your heart center and write these words in your journal. 👇

I, [name], promise to refrain from commenting on the food choices of anyone around me unless someone specifically asks for my input.

I will ask permission to discuss anyone's weight or food choices with them before offering my advice.

On the flip side - I, [name], recognize that I do not owe anyone an explanation for my food choices or the shape of my body.


How does that feel?




Maybe you have questions.

Or doubts.

All of that is okay. Any response or reaction is welcome here.

In a roundabout way, I have given you your unofficial starting place: A pledge to approach your body, your food, and the comments you make about other people's bodies and food in a new way.

As you become more aware of your tendencies and urges to comment on the food choices of those around you, I encourage you to also begin noticing the comments you make aloud or internally about yourself.

This is your beginning.


So. Recap.

  1. Begin noticing and challenging your thoughts and actions that are rooted in the desire to lose weight. Begin asking yourself, "if my goal is not to lose weight, what can my new goal be?"

  2. Make a pledge to stop commenting on the food choices and weight of those around you (unless you have permission to broach this topic).

  3. Make a pledge to stop providing explanations for your own food choices and weight (unless you are choosing to share your experiences with others in an intentional way).


Looking for more concrete steps to begin shifting your relationship with food and your body?

👇Download my free guide of actionable steps you can take TODAY to loosen your grip on the diet mentality. It's free. It's awesome. And it can be in your inbox 30 seconds from now!👇


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